Quotes for girlfriend

Quotes for your girlfriend a new and wonderful you can through our site to read renew daily quotations about love and also if you girl and you want to write to your friend that you can pursue new quotations in love quotes for him
Whenever I look in her eyes I look Deep Ocean in who I wish to swim and never come back, that ocean is with happiness, goodness and you know that that ocean will never leave you alone.
ads Her smile will never change, however bitterness uncurl her ego found way to band again. That is why I love her the most.

She is such and such I am. When she look in clocks and in calendars she didn’t see time. She see eternity. That is that which make us different. She is my bright spot in this hard days. She is my book who make me to read in one breath. She is my hot coffee who wake me in the morning. She is my reality who is better from dream. She is my sweet pleasure. She is memory which never fades. She is my start and my end. She is my love

And suddenly notice tha..

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